Chartres Labyrinth

Healing Labyrinth

The call of the labyrinth is to come quiet before God. The healing labyrinth in the Cathedral of Chartres is the best known of all cathedral labyrinths. This labyrinth symbolizes the search of the human being for God. The searcher on the path is sometimes closer to the center, then again further away with the final destination being the One center. In the following of the path, one encounters and overcomes all dangers while carrying the expectation of encountering the Logos at journey's end. At the center of the Cathedral of Chartres labyrinth, the sojourner is greeted by a six-petaled white rose. The entering of the heart of the rose signifies completion of one's journey and the experiencing of God's boundless love.

The best choice is to walk the labyrinth in silence. If you cannot physically walk the labyrinth or if you wish to "walk" it in meditation and prayer in your mind, let one on beautiful cathedral glass be your guide and point of focus.

We offer the Chartres healing labyrinth on a 4" cathedral glass medallion in 22k gold at $18 each plus $2.50 shipping and handling. Please order using the item codes shown. Each medallion comes in a cotton filled gift box along with an artisan's card and a small suction cup for help in display on a glass surface. If you want the brass stand for desk/shelf display, please add an additional $2.00.

You may order by sending your request and check to the Indiana Glassman at the address shown or you may order by email. We will invoice you with the shipment is you wish. If you are interested in quantity orders, please inquire. Our hope is that this labyrinth will be a blessing in your life.

For your enjoyment, we have added a few pictures of the Cathedral at Chartres and the Labyrinth on a separate page. We were fortunate enough to visit the Cathedral to see and walk the Labyrinth personally. This was a very moving experience. Also, just to let you know, we are working on designs for a seven circuit and an Amiens labyrinth medallion.

Medallions are $18 each
plus $2.50 S/H charge
22k Gold Labyrinth
Emerald Green Glass Order No. 2100-0657
Electric Blue Glass Order No. 2100-0605
Rich Violet Order No. 2100-0807
Ruby Red Glass Order No. 2100-0225

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