The Cathedral and Labyrinth
at Chartres, France

Chartres Cathedral
What a wonderful night time view of this magnificant cathedral. We spent daytime hours at Chartres, but simply could not pass up this picture of this very spiritual of places. This cathedral and the labyrinth therein were highlights of our trip to France.
 This picture of the labyrinth at Chartres was taken by a professional photographer from high up in the cathedral. Can you just imagine how many thousands of feet have walked the route of the sojourner.

   Here is what we saw with our own eyes at the Chartres cathedral. The labyrinth was mostly uncovered with only a few chairs in the way. Standing on the path, walking, and reaching the center was an emotional and spiritual experience for both Marcia and Kent.
 As you can see, the few chairs in the way did not stop those who were there to 'walk'. It was interesting to say the least to see that folks of all types were drawn by forces there to share a space and an experience.  
  This is an interesting view of the lunations around the outside of the labyrinth. Most illustrations one sees of the labyrinth stop the design with the black stones when the design actually includes the partially circular stones as part of a complete ring around the entire labyrinth.

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