Rhondalite Collection


Rhondalite Amber
(shows pattern the best in photo)

Rhondalite Evergreen
(this is a dark, beautiful green)

Rhondalite Madonna Blue
(a gentle blue)

Rhondalite Orchid
(a wonderfully peaceful color)

Rhondalite Plum
(a dark plum color)

Rhondalite Midnight Blue
(a dark evening sky color)

The Rhondalite offerings are simple and elegant. The circular pattern found in Rhondalite glass combines with wonderful cathedral glass colors to create something spectacular. The circular pattern is most easily seen in the amber medallion. It is nearly impossible to portray exact colors and the feel of the cathedral glass on a computer screen. You really need to see the combination for yourself.

The addition of a satin bow and gold braid completes the 4" medallion. Rhondalite glass colors are limited to those shown. Each is priced at $15.00 plus $2.50 shipping and handling. Each comes in a cotton-filled gift box and includes an artisan's card and a small suction cup for help in display. If you wish a brass desk/shelf stand, please add $2.00.

You may order by sending your request along with your check to the Indiana Glassman or you may order by email or regular mail and we will invoice you with the shipment. Please use the Order Numbers shown. We guarantee your satisfaction. The Rhondalite collection offerings make wonderful gifts that carry a message of caring and love. If you are interested in quantity orders, please inquire. If we ship outside of the United States, we will just add the extra postage required to your invoice.

Indiana Glassman
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